A 12 Month High-Touch Experience for Female Entrepreneurs,
Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers and Professionals
Ready to Attain Exponential Growth.
A 12 Month High-Touch Experience for Female Entrepreneurs, Coaches,
Consultants, Speakers, Trainers and Professionals Ready to Attain Exponential Growth.
I am looking for a select few serious change-makers who want to 
Seriously scale their business in the next 12 months.

 If that’s you, I invite you to join my Inner Circle today!
We are currently accepting applications.
If you wish to be an authentic and verifiable expert who is ready to contribute to the world in a BIG way and generate exceptional income while you are at it, it’s time you take the action required to reach the level of success you deeply desire. 
Whether you’re already running a successful offline business successfully, or you’ve had a decent exposure to the online world in the last couple years, you know there is more you can achieve and you’re willing to work for it.
On the verge of something huge…

Waiting for a breakthrough to happen…

Ready to create big crazy goals…

Committed to see it through to the end…

Looking to give back more to the world than ever before…
    Becoming an insider to Stacy’s Powerhouse can translate into more clients, more freedom, and Impacting more than ever before. 
    This number might feel a little scary to you right now, but you know what’s scarier? You know in your heart that it’s 100% possible for you. Attaining these big goals is not mission impossible, especially when you are surrounded with people who are all working towards larger than life goals.

    If you’re looking to join a group of like-minded high-performing female entrepreneurs invested in your success to the core, READ ON...
    The Powerhouse Inner Circle is for you if ONE or more of the following rings true to you:
      You’re an entrepreneur with a strong message to share with the world and even stronger vision to change lives with it, through podcasting, public speaking and high-end coaching.
      You’re a service professional or consultant ready to turn her offline business into an online empire with multiple high-value products.
      You’ve successfully been working 1-on-1 with clients and are now ready to transition into one-to-many model by adding mastermind groups, training programs, retreats and high-level JV partnerships to your business.
      You’re currently making a comfortable income, but you know that there is more for you out there if you fully leverage the power of online space. 
      Whether you are looking to do multiple 5 or 6-figure launches this year
      or you are yearning to automate your profits for scalability,
      there is one thing you can’t afford NOT to have.
      Please note: If you meet the requirements above, your application will be considered.
      However, it does not guarantee your spot in the inner circle unless you hear back from us.
      When you’re a part of the Powerhouse Inner Circle, you experience the business world through a new perspective, in a new dimension.

      The Inner Circle is not about offering you the cookie-cutter advice and tactics. It’s about staying up-to-date, implementing advance methodologies and finding new solutions. It is the only place completely dedicated to maximizing your income, impact and influence as a change-making entrepreneur.

      Over the period of 12 months, there will be 24 bi-monthly, 60-minute virtual meetings over Zoom and 3 in-person retreats. 

      Not to forget the private Facebook Community that is exclusive to my Mastermind Members. Think a vibrant and energizing living room experience for behind the scenes discussions, vulnerable conversations, brutally honest feedback, and supporting each other every step of the way. 

      Each meeting, event and retreat is designed for focused action, creative collaborations and maximum results to dramatically increase your bottom line.

      Apart from group discussions and brainstorming, you will also have the opportunity to share your business challenges or to ask for help in any way. You’re sure to experience massive breakthroughs as a result of actionable, tailored and focused advice.

      You won’t find these advanced secrets and practical advice anywhere else as they are accumulated over time, not from the internet.
        In the last 3 years, I’ve created and sold out multiple high-level coaching programs, masterminds and products, filled out my live events and generated multiple 6 figures in revenue as a High-Performance Business Coach – all while running a highly successful 7-figure offline business for over 16 years.

        I love supporting purpose-driven female entrepreneurs break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses- without sacrificing their family time.

        There is one thing I know for sure…

        If you know what you want in life and business, there is no better time to get it than NOW.

        You’ve got to walk past your fears and do it scared.

        Because success?

        Lies beyond your comfort zone.

        And if it’s not scary, it’s not what you truly want. Simple!
        I’ve seen more dreams dying the slow painful death than I’d like to believe in the last few years as an online entrepreneur. People want one thing but their actions betray their desires.

        LEGACIES aren’t built by playing small or within your comfort zone.

        BIG & BOLD decisions must be made to do what has never been done before.

        If you don’t take leaps of faith, how can you expect your followers to do the same? Here’s the thing though.

        As human beings, we thrive in communities, not alone.

        You must have realized by now that business is a collaborative effort and you need a solid SUPPORT system to go big. But it's not that easy to find people that get you, that truly get who you are and what you’re meant to accomplish.

        You want people by your side who believe in your dreams and are there to support you no matter what.
        The Powerhouse Inner Circle is created precisely with that in mind.

        Want to join us?
          Powerhouse members get to look over my shoulders as I take my personal brand to a whole new level and expand my business and social impact.

          When you’re a part of the Mastermind family, you get unfiltered access to all behind-the-scene strategies and systems that I’ve been implementing and plan on optimizing as I grow. I will hold nothing back as this is the closest one can ever be to my business and my lifelong learning.

          Apart from bi-monthly group masterminding, you also get ONE 30-minute private kick-off strategy call and THREE additional 30-minute private coaching calls every 90 days where you get tailored advice and strategy from the person who has not only built one but multiple high six and seven-figure businesses.  Additional private coaching available ONLY to Powerhouse.
            Running and growing your business can be lonely. 

            But it doesn’t have to be, does it?

            When it comes to playing a BIGGER game and creating TRUE, lasting impact, nothing beats the power of in-person connection. Energy gets magnified and dramatic shifts happen when like-minded individuals come together and support each other.

            Thus, the Powerhouse Mastermind is a fun, adventurous and exciting experience.

            Along with advanced strategies, high-touch coaching and tight-knit masterminding, Inner Circle members will get to revel in a whole new experience through our exclusive, members only retreats and events.
              February Retreat in 
              Nashville, Tennessee
              Let’s meet and mastermind in the beautiful downtown area of Nashville that features a diverse assortment of entertainment, dining, cultural and architectural attractions.
              July Retreat in 
              Chicago, Illinois
              By now you’ll be well on your way to a profitable business, but how about turbo-charging your revenue by having rock-solid systems in place and a vision that your team can execute. We’ll sit together in this multicultural city and help you create a business you are irrevocably obsessed with.
              October - Bucketlist Trip
              2019 Barcelona, Spain 
              I have a HUGE bucket list of places I want to see and I want to see them with YOU!!!  Let's sip Sangria in Barcelona, Spain.  We’ll meet in this beautiful location and look at what has worked and what hasn’t, how you can close 2019 like an A-player and setting the vision for the year to come. Think lots of sightseeing, excursions and fun activities.  Our travel representative is planning the ENTIRE trip for you and will have optional add on packages for before and after our 2 day retreat!  Come alone and hang with us or bring your spouse or family. 
              PLUS!!! You’ll get VIP access to 2 tickets to my annual event
              She’s Building Her Empire LIVE. 
              If you’re looking for a collective group of highest performing entrepreneurs who are experienced, cooperative and committed to creating a LEGACY (not just any business), don’t look any further.
              Real Time Conversations. Absolute Connection. Massive Transformation.
              Applications now being accepted.
                 24x 60-Minute Closed Door Zoom Calls 

                4x 30-Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
                (Direct Access to Me When You Need It) 

                3 Exclusive Retreats 

                2x FREE Tickets to my She’s Building Her Empire Live Event

                Unlimited Access to All of My DIY Programs & Digital Courses

                Application Only
                This is an INVESTMENT:
                Please do not apply unless you are serious about putting in the work.  My #1 goal is to make sure you get a return on your investment, but that will only happen if you do the work. 
                • • • • • •


                  Step 1
                  Fill out and submit your application.
                  Step 2
                  You will hear back from us within 48 hours to let you know if we think you are a good fit for this program. 
                  Step 3
                  If we think the program is right for you, we will jump on a phone call, answer any of your questions, and determine if you’re a good fit for the Powerhouse Inner Circle.
                  Cheryl Mauldin
                  Founder of Elite
                  Women in Business
                  The ROI for me from the program was huge. Before I joined I was spending $1000's on courses & programs that left me more confused and overwhelmed than before. I felt like I was going in a circle, because I was.
                  The program gave me clarity and the resources I needed to take consistent action toward my goals. The mastermind group gave me the accountability and support I needed to continually take action. This mastermind experience has been a supportive environment to test ideas and get access to other female entrepreneurs just like me.
                  Stacy is THE coach you need for developing online products. She knows marketing, she knows how to create and promote a great offer. She takes the time to answers your questions. She is there for her customers, or as I see it, my new business partners. 
                  Isabelle Bernier
                  The Wedding Planner Expert
                  In one month since I started working with Stacy, I increased my income over $3,000. #mindblown. Stacy has helped me take my ideas and put them into action with a step-by-step plan and guidance every step of the way.
                  Rachel Ngom
                  Social Media Strategist & Fitness Expert
                  Danielle Tenconi
                  Marketing Strategist
                  In the short time I’ve been doing the Mastermind, I have had the confidence to raise my prices by 25%, I’ve nearly completed a full re-brand of my business (including a name change) and started my own Facebook group. I’ve made great connections with other mastermind members and we work closely together to support one another. In conjunction with my masterminds, Stacy has given me a ton of amazing advice.

                  Lastly, it’s really helped me build my confidence and ability to build my empire. If you want to build your business and you are committed to making things happen, then this is a great place for support, ideas and accountability. 
                  So much clarity! I'm clear on what my programs will be, what the price should be and who I'm offering them to. I have really started to get focused - and I am now growing my list, have FB ads running, an opt-in, an introductory offer, my FB Page, Group and my website! I would recommend this program to anyone who needs clarity or guidance in creating their online business.  
                  Amy Coats
                  Corporate Exit Strategist
                  Things I've dreamt of doing for so long are actually happening (faster than expected I must add) and the guidance and training has helped every step of the way. If it wasn't for the program, I would not have raised my rates, gained new clients within 2 weeks of launching my sales page (without marketing it), been featured on Podcasts/ blogs and in Facebook groups. My business is MOVING because of this program!
                  Kathryn Moorhouse
                  Pinterest Strategist
                  Patricia Fasciotti
                  The Yoga Suites
                  Went from no online business to doubling my Facebook Page and Group and quit my “real job”. I now have a complete funnel set up, a website, membership portal, and the necessary tools and skills to grow and market it. I had NONE of this when I started. 

                  Wherever you're at in your business - if you need more focus and clarity, if you need to define your ideas and action steps, if you're overwhelmed suffering from perfection paralysis, if you have never had a support group of like-minded women in your corner encouraging you to push for your dreams every day, this group is for you! 

                  Stacy is no nonsense, all action, full of creative, strategic ideas and inspiration. Everyone who has their own business needs a coach in their corner.  
                  Within 30 days of this Mastermind I hit my highest month yet. I brought in $5486.50 in revenue, including $2686 of income from a brand-new product – (All within 1 week... conceiving it and launching)
                  Alicia Jonas
                  The Confident Dance Studio
                  I would recommend this program to female entrepreneurs who struggle to gain clarity on their ideal customer, who identify the dream placed in their heart, but need guidance to connect the dots.
                  Amber Gill
                  Brain and Gut Health
                  Christina Vinters
                  Divorce Mediator,
                  "ex" Divorce Attorney
                  I have found it extremely beneficial to have regular discussions with other business owners and hear from them about their challenges and strategies. I also really enjoy hearing the inside scoop from Stacy about her process for achieving her goals.

                  I'd recommend this to entrepreneurs who have started a business and are working on taking it to the next level of success. The collective business experience and feedback from the group has been extremely helpful. 
                  We are looking for a select few committed and driven female entrepreneurs
                  who are ready to make this year their BIGGEST year yet. Is that You?
                    •  Powerhouse  is not for you are just getting started and you have no idea who you want to serve or what you want to do.  Our other programs (mainly a private Strategy Day or Profit Mastermind) are the best place for you to start! 
                    •  If you’re looking for an information-based program where I teach and you implement, this is not for you. It’s a Mastermind where each member of the group will contribute towards the continuous growth of members through discussion, brainstorming and their unique business knowledge. 
                    •  This is not for you if you are looking to get quick results (that most emotionally charged and hyped programs promise these days). It’s a ONE year solid commitment, so you need to be 100% devoted to the process. 
                    •  Definitely not for you if you are satisfied with your current level of success, get easily offended and you’re not open to honest feedback.
                      My team is ready to assist you!
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