A 5-Day Challenge to Take A Microscopic Look at Your Business, Create A Stellar Game Plan and Set Yourself Up for 6-Figure Success!
You’re passionate about what you do and you know you’re meant to create a bigger impact, but you’ve no idea what your vision actually looks like. It’s all tangled up in your head. 

You managed to get your business off the ground (Bravo!) but despite devouring countless free & paid resources, you’re unable to get consistent results and become the go-to brand in the marketplace.
You’re all about getting expert advice but you’re sick and tired of following someone else’s plans & patterns that don’t resonate with your values, ultimately leaving you empty handed with broken dreams & neglected goals. 
Let’s just be real! You started your business with the longing to change lives on a colossal level and create financial stability for yourself in the process, so you can give your kids & family the comfort they deserve.

But despite all the planning and effort, your business is only leading you to feeling mentally aloof, drained and exhausted 

(Not a good picture!).

And the dream of creating a lifestyle-based business? Feels like a myth. 

"I've been a start up entrepreneur for 2 years... I've never had the CLARITY I gained by doing The Plan To Profit Challenge with Stacy!  Not only were her daily challenges focused on the most effective key factors for vision and goal setting, but she gave personalized attention that is unmatched by any other coach I've worked with. I've invested in marketing academies and trainings before, but Stacy brought more value in this free challenge than anything I've done. It was a tipping point for me making giant strides in my business.  She gave me honest feedback, not just telling me things that would keep me interested in her. Since completing the challenge, I've developed a plan for financial growth that I actually believe in and have started working on already!  The Plan To Profit Challenge gave me simple focus for my big picture goals.  I feel effective and confident in what I have to offer others!"

"The Plan To Profit Challenge completely changed the way I plan my year and my tasks, and it’s the only system that I’ve used that has produced astronomical results that are sustainable! I had an idea, but no clear path to get there and this challenge walked me through that entire process. I now have a roadmap for the year ahead and what seemed like a dream before is now a reality. The best part is I use the systems I learned in the course EVERY SINGLE DAY and any time I set new goals. It’s the BEST course I’ve ever done and I honestly can’t believe it’s free!! It’s a course every entrepreneur should do and the earlier you do it, the better!"

It’s time you stop setting yourself up for failure by creating incoherent plans and unrealistic goals, and once in your life Plan to Profit.
  • Learn to step into your vision and get clear as day about your desires (no matter how small or big they are) so you can consciously create your dream life.
  • Find out how to break your BIG vision into tasty small chunks (a.k.a. achievable goals) so the sense of accomplishment never leaves your sight and you keep forging ahead.  
  • Take a 360 Degree look at your business & yourself, analyze the playfield and come out stronger and truer than before.  
  • Kick-off 2017 with a rock solid game plan, map out your first quarter and set your goals to ace each and every one of them. 
  • Develop a 6-figure success mindset so you can kick self-sabotage to the curb every time it creeps in while up leveling BIG TIME! 
From running a 7-Figure brick & mortar business to building my 6-figure personal brand…
There’s only ONE thing that I know about success.
The choice is simply yours!  
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